June 20, 2024

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Duties to open a business in Italy

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When you decide to open a business, in addition to contacting a law firm Italy, you ask yourself what are the main steps to follow. If you are not an expert, you can easily confuse your mandatory and necessary fulfilments so that your business is opened according to the law. In Italy, in fact, it is necessary to follow a procedure that sees the administrative obligations follow each other, starting from the opening of the VAT number, up to the registration of your company in the Register of Companies kept by the competent Chamber of Commerce territorially. 


To start a business first you will need a VAT number. The VAT number is basically a code that consists of 11 numbers: the first 7 numbers connect the VAT number to the taxpayer who owns it, while the following three identify the code of the Revenue Office, the last number finally has a function control. To open a VAT number, you must go to the Revenue Agency and communicate the start of your business, within 30 days from the first day of business. In practice, fill in and deliver a declaration and you’re done. Opening a VAT number has no cost, but you have to consider the maintenance costs, which can be substantial. For new activities, it should be remembered that a flat-rate regime is currently in force, which allows you to benefit from reduced taxation in the first years of operation.


At this point there are other administrative procedures envisaged for setting up a business. There are many ways to go, which change depending on whether you choose an individual company or a company. If you want to start an individual business, for example, you will have the duty to ask for any licenses or make any communications, if required by law. Among these are the requests to be made to the Municipality, to the ASL, report to the INPS and so on. If, on the other hand, you want to open a company, you will have to follow the same rules that apply to setting up an individual company, but adding an important extra step. It is a matter of drafting the articles of association and the articles of association by the notary


It is possible to comply with the administrative procedures to open a business through a single communication to the Business Register. It must be carried out only through the online portal and contains all the tax, social security and insurance information that must be sent to the various entities. The “Single Communication” is carried out exclusively at the commercial register office. In this way, the mandatory communications between companies and the public administration are streamlined.