April 22, 2024

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Typical Careers With A Biology Degree

What Can You Do With a Biology Degree? | Top Universities

Biology also encompasses a multitude of branches and sub-areas, making it an attractive major choice for many undergraduate students. The assumed biology degree path would be to go on to medical school to earn a doctorate, but that is not the only pathway a biology degree opens up.


Besides working in the medical field, the other common career for biologists is teaching. Communities will always need teachers, and many parents find the working hours perfect for raising kids. Along with a Bachelor’s degree from a biology program Kansas City, a teaching certification is also needed. Different states have different requirements for teachers, so researching that is imperative. Taking classes in child development, education, or classroom planning will supplement a degree. The level of education depends on the level of teaching. An elementary school teacher may need just a Bachelor’s, but a college professor will need a Master’s or Doctorate. A passion for working with kids or adolescents is also required.

Environmental Conservation

Environmentalists are needed now more than ever. They conduct research and work with government officials to create solutions for environmental problems. Conservationists may even teach kids at nature centers or present research to industries and governments. A biology degree with an emphasis on environmental science or agriculture is a fundamental first step towards this career. Taking classes in meteorology or environmental psychology may also be beneficial.

Forensic Science

With hit crime shows like CSI, the field of forensics has grown to captivate the interest of many entering the workforce. Forensic scientists collect evidence and examine them in a lab setting. They work with police and lawyers. Education does not stop after college for forensic scientists as they have to stay up-to-date on research techniques. Minoring in criminal justice will compliment a biology Bachelor’s well. Internships and volunteer work during or after college will help build a strong foundation to enter this career.

Government Official

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services promotes research and provides information to both the public and other government officials. Individual states and counties also have their own Departments of Health. In 2015, then-president Obama established The Global Health Security and Biodefences unit which was responsible for pandemic preparedness. Those with a health science background are important for making decisions that affect citizen’s lives. Along with education, years of working experience in both health and government is the way to pursue this career.


Zoologists do not just take care of animals at zoos. They study the behavior of animals and their relationship with the environment. Work can be done in the wild or in a lab. There are many different types of zoology. For example, primatologists work with primates, paleozoologists may work on archaeological sites or study bones in a lab, and cetologists study water mammals like whales and dolphins. A Bachelor’s degree from a biology program Kansas City with an emphasis on wildlife or zoology is a great foundation for this career, but high-level independent research may require a Master’s or Doctorate.


It’s often assumed that science and art don’t mix well, but a biology degree can be used in the field of writing. Blogs and media outlets need educated journalists to research science topics and write on them with an informed, professional opinion. It may be surprising to find some award-winning fiction writers have degrees in biology. A background in biology certainly helps with science-fiction or science-horror novels. If a career in writing sounds appealing, minoring or double-majoring in writing will be especially beneficial. Many colleges offer classes in creative writing or journalism.