May 23, 2024

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Makmende Phenomenon – Social Media Marketing Does it Again For a Kenyan Website

This issue of residing up country has completely embarrassed me. I realized this when my friend from the US asked me what is Makmende. First of all I thought she was trying to insult me, only to realize that almost every updated Kenyan is discussing the word on social media sites. By the way who is this Makmende fellow or it is just a Kenyan phenomena?

Jokes aside, this Makmende phenomenon has opened my eyes to the power of social media marketing. It even came to my surprise to note that people abroad had catch up with this funny phenomenon and were tweeting about it. My goodness, what Social Media Marketing can do to change once business promotion fortunes; the name Makmende received over a million plus traffic within a period of 24 hours.

As I write this article I am yet to tell if Makmende is a person or a thing. Call me backward or misinformed, all I see here is the ability of one person to rekindle old memories in order to achieve a set target. As an online marketing professional, my praises goes out to the initiator of the Makmende phenomena. His efforts could not go unnoticed by people like me who are constantly seeking for ways of generating traffic.

The internet is full of attractive websites but we hardly know they exist. Social media marketing has of late provided internet business people an avenue of announcing their online presence. What would be the need to open a shop where no one frequents? Twitter and Facebook have truly and suddenly opened the world to the existence of a thing or phenomena called Makmende. Ask Don Riddle of the well known CNN Broadcasting Network or Cassandra who featured the Makmende story on Wall Street Journal.

By the way, for Kenyans out there; Who is this Makmende fellow?