June 23, 2024

Manif De Droite

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Get Out of the Busyness Using Ascent to Manage Work Life Balance

7 Years ago I was introduced to a simple yet very effective process that has helped me to stay in motion, and I’m sure if you adopt it, it will serve you well also.

The process is called an “Ascent”, and it can serve many purposes and many benefits depending on how you choose to apply it. Don’t worry it’s not some weird ritual, but like anything it requires discipline and persistence to really maximise the effectiveness.

Use the Ascent process to raise your own awareness, to gain clarity, and it will enable you to be more deliberate about what you choose to Be and Do for NOW and the FUTURE.

You can’t really do much about what has just happened, but you can however learn from the past and by spending a little time each week to REFLECT you can quickly identify events, and outcomes that went well (Achievements), not so well (Learnings). You can then shift your thinking to the Future and get clear about what you want to achieve, or manifest to happen in the future.

Step 1 of Managing Work Life Balance using The Ascent Process begins by listing out all of your ACHIEVEMENTS for the week (both business and personal). When you look back on the past week, what were the highlights, successes, milestones, the battles you fought and won? It’s these ACHIEVEMENTS that provide the real foundation blocks for your future success and provide you with the forward momentum to build on. By not taking the time out to acknowledge your achievements you’re missing out on a very powerful tool.

Step 2 of Managing Work Life Balance is to look back on all the failures, disappointments and low points throughout the week, the times when things did not work out as you’d planned. From these events and experiences list what I call your LEARNINGS. A failure is really only ever a failure if you miss the great learning opportunity that always goes with it. If you don’t take the time to reflect on these times, chances are you’ll miss the gift of learning, and guess what? You will likely repeat the low point some other time in the not too distant future. Learn from your mistakes; turn them in to the gift that they really are.

Step 3 of Managing Work Life Balance is to list out what I call your INTENTIONS for the coming week. What specifically are your “Intentions” for the week ahead…the things, events and outcomes you’d like to become a reality? Intentions are really separate from goals, they define the framework within which you’ll set your goals. Always make sure that you have a balance of personal and business intentions. Intentions are not To Do Lists either. For example you might set an Intention to Be Positive, to Be Generous, Be Grateful, Give great service, It’s a combination of Mindset and Task Based Intentions.

Make The Ascent Process part of you routine to complete weekly, then every 90 Days, and then each year.

Remember the definition of Insanity is… “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different Result”. That usually comes about because we get too caught up in the Busyness of Business and Life and don’t take the time to Reflect. By making the Ascent process a habit and part of your routine will help you stay not only Sane, It will help you to Thrive.

Have fun playing with this.