June 23, 2024

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How To Get Started In A Career In Construction

Get Started in the Construction Work: Opportunities for Job Seekers

1 in 14 people worldwide work in the construction sector – and many people have made a very good living working in the sector. Throughout the pandemic, many people expected the construction industry to take one of the hardest economic hits – however, they are one of the few industries that actually grew. Choosing a career in construction is a good idea for so many people, and if it’s something that you’re considering for yourself, here are 4 tips for getting started in a career in construction. 

Watch People On-Site

One of the best pieces of advice you can be given when it comes to developing a career in construction is to watch people on-site as much as possible when you’re just starting out. As a labourer, this is the best way you can develop new skills and get a better understanding of how the industry works. Learning in a classroom environment is useful, however, practical learning is very important in an industry like construction. Make sure you’re paying attention to the people who are teaching you on-site so you can develop the skills that you need. 

Get Qualified As Soon As Possible 

Once you have started developing the right skills and have narrowed down the occupational role you want to pursue, such as bricklaying or groundworking, you need to be working towards your NVQ or equivalent qualification. Getting an NVQ in construction allows you to prove your competency in your occupational role, as well as getting a CSCS card that will help you gain access to more jobs on-site. With many training companies, you can get your NVQ through on-site assessment – so you don’t have to lose out on money. Getting qualified is essential if you want to boost your career. 

Don’t Forget Your Accreditation

It’s essential that you don’t neglect the importance of CSCS cards in your construction career. A CSCS card proves to your employer and any supervisors on any contracts that you are fully qualified to work in your assigned role. Whether it’s a blue CSCS card for skilled workers, or a gold or black CSCS card for supervisors and managers, you need to make sure you have one. At the start of your career, you will also need to get a green CSCS card to be a labourer on many job sites – so don’t forget your accreditation, or you could be out of work. 

Think For The Future 

The construction industry is taking on many new projects that it hasn’t previously – including green projects that will help the world become more sustainable. By building green homes and making existing homes energy-efficient, we can cut down emissions drastically and help protect the planet. Looking into CITB grants that could help you get retrofit training or green skills training is one of the best ways that you can develop a green skill set. By developing your green skills in construction, you can become an asset to your company by helping them get on lucrative green contracts.