June 23, 2024

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An Unbiased Vasayo Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve gotten several messages about this new company Vasayo. Truth be told, I get messages all the time about new companies about to launch and people are always trying to pitch me on their deal so I usually don’t pay these messages any mind. But every now and then, my curiosity gets piqued and I’ll take a quick look if there’s a big name tied to the company. Such is the case with Vasayo. The name Dallin Larsen is huge inside of the Network Marketing industry. Years ago, Larsen launched a little company called Monavie that revolutionized the functional beverage space inside of the MLM Industry. When I heard he was launching Vasayo, I wanted to take a look. So if you’re someone who is searching for information about Vasayo, look no further. In this Vasayo Review, I’ll go into all the details you’ll need before you join. With that said, I do want to disclose that I am not a Vasayo distributor nor am I affiliated with them in any way so you’ll be getting a truly unbiased perspective on the company and the business opportunity.

First things first, if you’re serious about joining it’s critical that you look into the company’s leadership. Having the best products to market and a lucrative compensation plan is great but if the company leadership is not good, any success you experience will be short lived. Vasayo is being launched by Dallin Larsen. Larsen is probably best known for building Monavie to a Billion Dollar company in 5 years. During it’s time, Monavie created many success stories and dominated the Industry. Before that, he helped USANA experience explosive growth. Without a doubt, he has a track record of success. After looking at the quality of their products and some of the leaders getting involved, it certainly looks like Vasayo might be one of the biggest launches of 2017.

The Vasayo compensation plan provides several ways to get paid. The biggest thing you need to know is that it’s a Binary, which means you have to build a left team and right team. Being that the company hasn’t launched yet, getting in early might position you for spillover although you don’t want to depend on spillover as you build. In a nutshell, the company will look at your volume on each side of your business every week. And every time the computer sees 240CV on one side and 480CV on the other side, you’ll earn a $25 Cycle Bonus. As your time grows over time, you’ll be able to cycle over and over. Based on your rank in the company, you can cycle up to 1,100 times a week, which equates to $27,500 a week. Since the company hasn’t launched yet, there’s not a ton of information available on the compensation plan but there is a simple compensation document online that I suggest you review if you’re thinking about joining.

Is Vasayo destined to be the next big thing in Network Marketing? Only time will tell. The company has some documented leaders attached to it, a science based product line and a generous compensation plan. While all of these things are certainly beneficial, having those things in place doesn’t guarantee success. My suggestion is you find a sponsor that you have chemistry with. Make sure they have the ability and time to train and support you. I also suggest that you learn Attraction Marketing. You can’t go wrong when you brand yourself and learn how to leverage online strategies to get targeted leads daily. If Vasayo becomes the company I think it will become, having a steady flow of quality leads will help you become a top producer. If it doesn’t, having a list and a solid set of marketing skills will help you transition into another company.