June 23, 2024

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$20.00 Saint Gaudens Coins a Great Gold Investment

The $20.00 Saint Gaudens gold piece is an absolutely beautiful coin that deserves the consideration of hobbyists around the globe. This coin, being a collectors’ coin and not a bullion piece could be worth two to three times the actual ounce price of gold! These coins were minted from 1907 through 1933 and many investors already rank it as one of their best choices for investment purposes. These $20.00 gold pieces have been recognized since the Civil War and have a broad appeal. Therefore they are selling fairly low for gold pieces right now!

When looking to purchase these beautiful coins it is recommended that you research gold prices at the same time. PCGS MS-64 and MS-65 grade the prices of St. Gaudens coins. The higher the MS value, the more valuable the coin is. Visit numismatic sites on the Internet such as California Numismatic Investments to educate yourself on these investments.

This $20.00 piece provides a “double play” advantage because of its high gold content and when gold bullion prices rise these coins will also rise and could bring you a handsome return, up to three times the price of gold bullion! The market of Saint Guadens gold coins holds their value. Many wealthy royal families and government treasuries along with collectors, typically own Saint Gaudens coins! Besides their market value, the beautiful design of the coin is gorgeous. Its art form is in itself an incentive for collecting the coin!

The American Government considers the $20.00 gold piece a rare coin, even though the premiums on the higher-grade coins are low. This rare coin is not subject to the ordinary reporting requirements that gold bullion coins are. Many people think that further government controls will be places on gold bullion and others even think that it is possible for gold bullion to even be confiscated again! If this happens, then the Saint Gaudens coin will become even more desirable and possibly more valuable!

When looking to buy these coins, make sure they are professionally graded by the most highly respected grading organization in the world, The Professional Coin Grading Service, or the PCGS. When you own a coin with this grading behind it you can determine your investment in regards to price and grade. You know what you have and are not dependent on a coin dealer!

The $20.00 gold coin market is traded via satellite by The Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) daily, so instant prices quotes are available! Value of these coins is not an abstract quality. The direct bearing on the coin’s worth involves its function of demand, investor base, weight, beauty, rarity, affordability and profit potential. Many individuals who believe in the power of gold to make money will move up to fifty percent of their bullion coins into St. Gaudens $20 pieces which are graded PCGS MS-64 (choice uncirculated) or even the higher grade of PCGS MS-65 (gem uncirculated). That way the gold pieces are actually worth more than their weight as in bullion coins!

These coins will surely improve and enhance your investment portfolio and give you beautiful pieces of art to treasure and admire! So go ahead and expand your investments with the beautiful Saint Gaudens coin!