June 23, 2024

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Work From Home Jobs

Right in this article I want to write in detail my summary on working from home and making money. I’m going to alert you to the dangers there is out there to scams. I have seen so many over the last couple of years, and even been subject to some myself. The one I fell for was affiliate marketing now I’m not saying this is a scam. However it is something that does pull the wool over the eyes, and don’t make you a millionaire like a lot of these websites lead you to believe. Some sites even make you pay to link to a guide on affiliate marketing and this is what I did.

Now basically it promises to be something it purely is definitely not. You could not sell these products if you held a gun to the head of someone. They would rather die than buy a pair of slippers what you can mop the floor in. So you get a link to advertise the product and then people must not just click the link. They have to buy the product in which you have linked them to. Then the cheek of this the crap product you have linked to. If somebody has lost all their marbles and chooses to buy it you will only get a small percentage of that sale. It certainly ain’t a road to riches and wont make you the millions it promises. I am going to detail more in this article on what you can do to make money from home. First though I am going to alert you to all the scams I have seen and know about.

I’m an online businessman and I could make money from writing books on this. However I would much rather help people and guide them in the right direction. This article is not been written to lead you towards a scam. It is to advise you what to avoid and what you can do to make money online. I’m telling you the scams first and then I’m going to tell you ways you can make money fair and square. You must understand though you have to work hard and put in the effort. The only good thing about working for yourself is you don’t get bossed around.

Now onto the other scams I know about, and they are usually pretty easy to spot. Always be weary when you see a site which offers something to good to be true. The most common sites are the sites where they have sports cars on and fancy holiday locations. They will have you believe that they have earned this through a scheme. Now they probably have because they robbed you of your cash and you aint gonna get nothing back. They also will have fake referrals from people on the site saying things like Im so glad I took up this chance. These will more than likely be pictures of friends or family they could be just of anybody random on the internet. Now they will be making money of you, and you will be paying a 1 time fee for information to something which is worth nothing. Do not go into scams offering you to make money by posting Google ads this is absolutely not true and it cant be done.

There is a way to make money from Google ads which I will go into later. I always think if this scheme was so good why are they offering it in the first place. It is like KFC going we have a good thing going here let us give away our secret recipe and charge for it. This simply would not happen people do not give away money for nothing unfortunately it ain’t how the world works in business or anything else. Even the lottery makes money and Bookmakers nothing gives without take. Don’t go into anything paying you to get into affiliate marketing you can go to ClickBank.com and do this for absolutely nothing. I would not advise it even the best salesperson in the world would struggle to sell the products.

There is legitimate ways to make money on the Internet and below I am going to describe them. Now they may not make you an over night success but they can with time and effort make you a profit and a livelihood.

The first one everybody knows about is eBay I work on this and it is great. You pick up more as you go a long. There is a number of ways to get started with eBay sell your stuff you no longer like. Get yourself some money to buy stock from a wholesaler or any reputable source like a car boot sale and keep selling. Get good feedback and you will get repeat customers. Another option you can take is use a dropship company with these you don’t even have to buy your stock. You sell the item and these will send it off for you cutting down your postal price to.

Amazon this is a good site but it is more fixed price bidding than auction bidding. Just do the same as you do for eBay. Get your stock and budget and away you go.

Kasamba.com or Live Expert it is called now. If you have a skill you think you can help someone with become an advisor on this site. You get paid once the client hires you and talks.

Google Adverse sign up for this and you put Google ads on your website. You must create a website first before you take the code and put it on your site. Then when an ad gets clicked on your site you get a fee for the ad which is clicked.

These are just a few ways where you can make legit money. They all take hardwork but you can make them work. Thanks for reading I hope this helped you in someway or other. You can catch me on liveexpert.com anytime if you need any honest advice or help.