July 18, 2024

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Three Ways to Discredit Retrograde Extrapolation in a DWI Case

At whatever point a driver blamed for driving while inebriated consents to submit to a breath test, the state’s star observer at preliminary will be the specialized administrator, the state’s master on the breath test machine. One of the features of the express’ master’s declaration is the count of your customer’s liquor fixation at the hour of driving and the number of beverages it took to find a workable pace. This pseudo-logical hypothesis is called retrograde extrapolation.

While the examiner is requesting that the specialized manager decide these numbers for the jury, the dedicated administrator will be sitting at the testimony box angrily punching numbers into a mini-computer. The declaration all appears to be so emotional – until you ask the state’s master on interrogation whether he and the investigator examined his testimony before he took the stand.  When asked, he will be compelled to concede that he determined the numbers early.

The specialized boss’ counts can likewise be assaulted using the Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program Operator Manual. Upon interrogation, the state’s master will affirm that the manual is legitimate in the field of breath liquor testing – and this will permit you to interview the observer utilizing the manual.

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After the state’s master has affirmed that your customer’s liquor focus was higher at the hour of driving than at the hour of testing, you ought to ask the specialized director what your customer needed to eat or savor the most recent hour before the traffic stop.

After the state’s master concedes that he can’t affirm with any level of sureness what your customer devoured preceding his being halted, inquire as to whether he concurs with the manual’s explanation that “there are three potential outcomes while evaluating the liquor focus at once before the test.”

When asked, the state’s master should concede that the announcement is valid and that he can’t state with any level of conviction whether your customer’s liquor fixation was higher, lower, or the equivalent at the hour of testing as it was at the hour of driving.

Another zone of assault is the supposition that an individual’s body takes out liquor at a steady rate. The state’s master will affirm that the average pace of disposal is .015 percent for every hour. To ascertain the driver’s liquor fixation at the hour of driving, the specialized director will duplicate that number occasions the number of hours between the traffic stop and the breath test and add it to the breath test result.  Upon the cross, in any case, he will be compelled to concede that there is no logical proof to back up his declaration that the pace of end is consistent. The end rate is influenced by the measure of nourishment in the stomach at the hour of drinking, the sort of food in the stomach, feelings of anxiety, and physical illnesses.


The way to interrogate the state’s master isn’t to make a head-on ambush. The specialized administrator is paid by the state to vouch for the precision and legitimacy of the breath test and the breath testing strategy. The more clever strategy is to assault the suspicions, at which point the state’s master bases his declaration. At that point, take the concessions the specialized boss made on the cross and use them to make sensible uncertainty during your end contention – when it’s past the point of no return for the state’s master to safeguard his answers.