April 14, 2024

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How To Make The Best Of A Bad Job

What should you do if you are stuck in a bad job? After all, the economy is bad, and after having assessed your field, you may have determined that it is best to stay where you are for awhile. But what do you do in the meantime?

Here is some advice that can help you get through this time in your life:

Mentor more junior employees. If you have a number of years of experience in your field, you can increase your job satisfaction by passing along your experience to employees who are newer to the organization. There is fulfillment in helping others, and mentoring other employees can make your time at your current job more enjoyable.

Get involved in committees to increase your visibility in the organization and make a contribution outside of your department. Many large companies have committees to review processes or improve employee retention. Joining such a committee can expose you to other people in a large organization that you might not otherwise meet and can open the door for future job opportunities.

Take advantage of employer-sponsored community service programs. If your employer has a community service program, use that as an opportunity to do good for someone else and get away from your workplace for a few hours a week. This will take your mind off your own troubles and also lend a helping hand to someone else. You might be able to get involved in your local public school or help out in a homeless shelter. Community service programs can also have the added benefit of positioning you for future opportunities if you take on volunteer work that will give you skills in a different area.

Use a company-sponsored tuition reimbursement program to your advantage. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, take classes that will enhance your resume. You might consider getting a certification in your field since certifications have become very common in many fields. If you do not yet have an advanced degree, you might consider using the tuition reimbursement program to obtain that degree to increase your marketability. That way, when the economy turns around you will be well positioned to move into a job that you really like.