June 21, 2024

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Banking and Accountancy Jobs

What are Banking jobs?

Banks are entities which are primarily engaged in the lending of funds obtained in the form of deposit. It is a highly regulated industry and should adhere to the state’s compliance policies like license to operate, fit and proper rule with respect to its directors, officers and owners, periodic and special examination of its activities and to ensure safe banking practices.

Banking institutions usually employ the following:

• Accountants
• Financial Analysts
• Credit Analysts
• Branch Managers
• Loan Officers
• Mortgage Bankers
• Bank Tellers
• Trust Officers

Since it is a highly regulated industry, the employees are expected to act with utmost trust and confidence.

What are Accountancy Jobs?

Accountancy job is the process of collecting, compiling and communicating information which are related to finance and business. It is usually in the form of a financial statement which shows assets, liabilities, account payable and taxes due among others. It is important in the management of businesses and other economic enterprise.

Who’s who in Accountancy Jobs?

Accountancy jobs are populated with a variety of players and movers in the business industry. There are people who put numbers together, some analyze it and some make a report out of it. There are several types of accountants and they are classified according to the primary work that they do:

1. Public Accountants offer their services to the public, which can be a corporation, partnership or an individual. Their services range from book-keeping, auditors, and tax preparation.
2. Private Accountants are also commonly referred to as in house accountants. They are basically in charge of the company’s book of accounts and include the company’s accounting staff.
3. Government Accountants are those who work for the government. They work in the federal, state and county levels among others.

An experienced accountant is a valuable asset in any business undertaking. Accountancy jobs help business achieve its targeted goals and provide accurate figures crucial to its success. As such, it is necessary that the relationship between the accountant and its client is made up of trust and confidence. This is because the client should be getting sound financial advice from his or her accountant, and should likewise trust the accountant with a number of confidential information.

Who are Certified Public Accountants?

Certified Public Accountants or CPAs are accountants who possess the necessary license given by state regulatory agencies like the US’ Board of Accountancy. These CPAs met the educational as well as ethical requirements as stated by the state regulatory agencies. Furthermore, these accountants passed the CPA Licensure Examination and were granted licenses to practice by state boards of accountancy. In the US, only a CPA can do the mandatory audits of publicly traded US companies. Additionally, CPA charge more for their accounting services as compared to other accounting professionals.