May 23, 2024

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Article Marketing – Write 40 Articles This Week

If you would like to give your marketing a tremendous boost, then I suggest you write 40 articles this week. Last week, I’ve created a new website, and I wrote 40 articles.

My goal was to generate 50 articles but I was distracted on the third day and only achieved 40. Nonetheless, it has been a tremendous boost to the website, and you can achieve the same too. Here is a plan of action you should carry out in order to generate 40 articles this week.

#1 – Set aside some time. Make a list of all the time you intend to use to create your articles. Can you find two hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? Can you find four hours on a Friday night? Make a list of all the spare time you are willing to focus on generating articles.

#2 – Draft a list. Make a list of 40 different titles you can use for your articles. Your titles need to be compelling, interesting and influential. You want your reader to see your title and immediately click on to read it. If you are short of ideas, search through the internet or article directories for ideas.

#3 – Do some research. You need to find additional information to include in your articles. Information needs to be fresh and new, and you need to give away some snippet of info to your reader. Make it interesting so that the reader is compelled to read to the end.

#4 – Draft your article. This should be done in three easy steps. First step is the intro. The second step is the body, and the third step is the conclusion. Draft your article and ensure that you have written between 350 and 450 words. Use lists within your article to make it easier to read.

#5 – Edit and proofread your article. Whilst proofreading your article, ensure that it reads in a logical and common sense fashion. If you find grammatical or spelling errors correct them.

#6 – What’s in it for your reader. Include in your article plenty of benefits for your reader. The more that is in it for your reader the better they will enjoy reading your article.

#7 – Submit your articles on a daily basis. If you are trying to attain a target of 40 articles per week, then divide your efforts into daily tasks. Write 10 per day, and then rest over the weekend if you wish. Submit your articles 10 daily so that there are always articles in the pipeline.

Once you have completed your challenge, you would have proved to yourself that it is possible to generate 40 articles per week and that there is no reason why you should not continue to do this.

You will attract a lot of attention from readers and as bye-product increase sales of your goods.

Creating 40 articles per week will place you in a totally different space. Good luck and keep writing.