July 23, 2024

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Why Have Famous TV Channels Used Three Letter Logos As Their Trademark?

Why Have Famous TV Channels Used Three Letter Logos As Their Trademark?

As far as TV channels are concerned, it is easier to call them by their initials than their complete names. In fact, many people don’t even know what their initials stand for. For example, did you know that BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company?

The reason for using initials instead of complete names for their brand mark is two-fold. First, calling the channel by its complete name can be quite a mouth full which can be unappealing to the customers. Secondly, creating a business symbol through company initials gives you a broader margin for creativity than encompassing the entire name in the emblem.

Here are a few examples for TV channels that have used three letter logos for their trademarks

1. TNT:

Their symbol has seen many faces. It started out as a sharp edged symbol in red and yellow but then transformed into the red three initials in a yellow circle. Their latest design is the most sophisticated of all. It is a silver colored emblem which consists of the three initials in silver color along encased in a silver ring. Although the design is quite light for a TV channel, it is still quite chic and trendy. This is a perfect example how to design an emblem by using only the initials and giving them a trendy look.

2. MTV:

This music television symbol attracts the exact audience it wants to capture. This channel is mainly targeted towards the youth and their trademark is created accordingly. It consists of the big letter M with TV written on the top right corner of the symbol. Although their brand mark has remained consistent throughout the tenure, they have made distinct changes in the colors and effects according to the country or the message it wants to send across. For example, you may see it with colorful abstracts in the background or you may see it aligned at a diagonal angle.

3. NBC:

Their company name may have been scripted in simple and straight fonts but the feature that sets this logo apart from others is the use of a colorful peacock. This symbol teaches us that combining an attractive image with simple and straight fonts can create a brand mark that is distinct and memorable.

4. CNN:

For a channel that prides itself over latest news all over the world, their emblem depicts exactly that. The 3 letter logos consist of the letters in red soft edged fonts linked together with a white line running through the letters. The use of red color makes this emblem attractive and energetic. This is one of the most popular TV channels who have kept a consistent logo through years which has contributed towards its success.

In a nutshell, use letters to create your TV channel’s emblem and craft it in a manner that is distinct and innovative.