July 23, 2024

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Progressive Car Insurance vs. Travelers Car Insurance: Which is Better?

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We all need to take every opportunity to save money, and car insurance is no exception. It’s a flooded market. It’s nice to have options in life, and there are so many auto insurances companies to consider. But once you’ve done your research, you’re likely to be down to two option. These are Travelers Car insurance and Progressive car insurance. You should buy car insurance policy that will secure you financially if there is any mishap happen with your car and your car gets damaged.

Travelers and Progressive are among the top 10 car insurance companies, but you can only choose one. Hence, you need to see how they compare on the various measures of judgement. These include things like rates, discounts, consumer satisfaction, financial strength, accessibility, etc. More importantly, you need to figure out which one is better. Here are a few factors and how each of these companies deal with them. You can take this information to judge both of these companies and pick out the best one for you:

Driver’s age

As we get older, our way of dealing with things changes. Our experience grows and we become smarter. It is the same with our driving experience. As we grow older, we get more cautious and safer behind the steering wheel. This means that we have an extra layer of protection against accidents on the road. Due to this, you should ideally get car insurance policy for cheaper. However, many people believe that it’s unfair to base car insurance rates on the gender of the driver and marital status.

However, that does end up being the case. An older driver is likely to get cheaper insurance. Young drivers with Progressive can save about 7 to 25% on their auto insurance premium compared to those with Travelers. On the other hand, Progressive car insurance often offers 11 to 16% more expensive policies to driver between 25 to 35 years of age. If you are 35, you can choose either and get a good price. 

Driving record

Even though you can try to choose the cheapest car insurance available. You will have to pay higher for car insurance if you get into accident often or have a record of violating traffic laws. Progressive and Travelers both follow this pattern as well. However, if you have a speeding ticket, you may be able to get a lower rate with Travelers. 

When it comes to car insurance premium, Travelers follows the idea that getting booked by traffic authorities for minor traffic errors and accidents can be considered equal. In both case, the boost in the premium would be the same. cases, the same rate applies for both. If you get a speeding ticket while driving with Travelers, your rates will increase by around 24 percent. On the other hand, Progressive is likely to double your rates in the case of an accident.

Credit score

Credit score is the measure of how well you manage to make payments. Hence, it is often included in the process of buying car insurance. Having a good score also helps auto insurance companies determine if you’re a safer driver. 

Progressive offers car insurance at lower rates no matter what your credit history is. However, both companies are fairly easy to work with if you have a bad credit score. While many other companies jump at the chance of charging you a lot more for car insurance just because you have an unfavorable credit score. Both Progressive and Travelers do not change their rates much. 


The brand of an insurance company represents its history. More than that, it shows what kind of values and philosophies they use. These values and philosophies are also reflected in what products they offer and how they offer it. Hence, a company that offers a lot of discounts and concessions often tends to set a favorable brand identity among customers. 

Travelers offers more discounts compared to Progressive. However, they both have a few common discounts that they offer. For example, With both Progressive and Travelers, you can save up to 30% by using their car insurance apps.