June 21, 2024

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Your Business, Right Away

Make Money Online – Will the Kickstartcourse Really Kickstart Your Online Career?

Great name for an internet marketing course for beginner and intermediate marketeers or anyone looking to make money online! The Kickstartcourse from that dynamic duo Tony Shepherd and Sara Brown could be just the kickstart a lot of budding online businesses need, but will it really deliver?

If you are familiar with Tony and Sara’s material already, and you like their style, then you won’t be disappointed if what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by. I must give you fair warning though, I’m biased, because I do like their style and always enjoy their writing. So far, true to form, the Kickstartcourse has been entertaining, informative and straight to the point.

Everything you need to know to make money online and kickstart your online business is what’s promised, in weekly installments over the course of a year.

You get a lesson in the form of a pdf report each week which gives you the exact details you need to get your business started from scratch with minimum outlay.

From choosing your product to getting your sales page and website up and running to driving traffic and making a consistent long term income from your business; each step is covered in easy to follow steps with no padding written in a style that makes it a pleasure to read even if you know how to do it already.

The one drawback for me I find is that I’m frustrated by the fact that I have to wait for each lesson. I would love to have the whole course in one giant eBook so that I could keep on going!

For someone who knows quite a bit of what’s on offer in the early lessons it might be frustrating, as it is for me, to have to wait. But even so, there are gold nuggets in there that even fairly experienced internet marketeers will be glad to find. Plus, you would learn a lot about how to write your own content and be inspired to create more products yourself by their approach and their ideas.

You will find yourself saying ‘I wish I wrote this!’ a lot!

And if you are a complete beginner this is a goldmine. I wish I had this kickstartcourse when I first got started – without any kick!

It’s just that I hate waiting!

But I realise when I think about it that the weekly installment is a good idea. Each week you are given some tasks to get you further along the money making track, and each week you are reminded by the arrival of the next lesson to stay focussed. And you will be told at the start of each lesson what you should have accomplished by that stage. Just knowing you have to finish your homework before the next lesson is great to keep you working on what you need to do!

Chances are with one ebook, you would get all fired up, but lose your momentum after a while.

So my only complaint turns out to be a good thing too!