How To Get An Hc Licence Soon

Do you intend to upgrade your heavy combination driving skill? Then enrol in our training institute to acquire your HC Licence. Whether it is for vocational purposes or just to brush up your heavy vehicle driving skills, we offer you different training courses according to your requirements. 

Advantage of Having an HC Licence 

Acquiring an HC licence have a number of advantages vocationally and commercially:

  • It enables you to be eligible for the most demanding heavy vehicle jobs. 
  • It widens your vocational scope. Apart from heavy combination driving jobs, you can also work as a heavy rigid vehicle driver. 
  • Your financial status improves as an hc licence enables you to take up well paid driving jobs. 
  • You can work either locally or go for interstate travels or do both. 
  • Provides you with more options. You can drive a variety of vehicles belonging to almost all class like MR, LR, HR, HC together with other lower-class vehicles. 
  • Your hc licence card can serve as your identity card. 

Eligibility Criteria for HC Licence 

In order to acquire an hc licence in Sydney, certain criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • One should be at least 21 years old. 
  • You need to register and clear your RMS test. 
  • Should hold a provincial driver’s licence. 
  • Must have the knowledge and first-hand experience in driving vehicles belonging to HR, MR, LR, R or C class vehicles. 
  • Should hold C class or MR class licence for at least 3 years and 1 year of HR licence. 
  • Should be fit physically and be of sound mind. 
  • Should be a responsible person. 
  • Should pass an eyesight test. 

Heavy Combination Vehicles 

HC vehicles comprise a combination of heavy rigid vehicles and prime movers that are used for towing trailers and semi-trailers. The Gross Vehicle Mass of the trailers can be 9 tonnes and/or above. 

The vehicles available for your hc licence training are as follows:

  • Semi-Tractor-Trailer Trucks- Best known as a transport truck, it is a heavy combination of a tractor unit and semi-trailers to transport cargo. One or more semi-trailers are attached to the tractor with a hitch. 
  • Road Trains- These are specially configured trucks very popular in Australia. On the trailers, these trucks have more than 3 axles, with four tyres on each axle to support them. 
  • Ballast Tractors- These are a combination of heavy hauliers. Ballasts are used to push or pull exceptionally heavy or large trailer loads. They are specially weighted tractor units. 
  • Converter Dollies- Most commonly used in road trains with a drawbar and 2 or 3 axles. 
  • Low-loader Dollies- Used as a heavy combination with many low loaders to carry heavy cargo without overloading the wheels of movers or tractors. 

Final Step to Getting an HC Licence

Once your HC training is over, you need to pass the Final Competency Test to get your hc licence. Your final driving test shall be video recorded according to the RMS protocol. If you achieve the desired competency, you shall get your HC licence. 


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